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Fanart: FF VII - Crisis Core - "Rock stars"

Hey there,

First-time poster here :) Nice to meet y'all *waves* Here's to hoping that I don't mess up.

More often than not my brain gives into the crack and then I start drawing things that are, well, crack-y. Mind you, I've only been trying my hands at this kind of style for the last few months and the first presentable result are just a couple of weeks old, so... bear with me?

Other than that: Have a bit of the Crisis Core boys as (aspiring) rock stars ;)

Fandom: FF VII - Crisis Core
Characters: 3 generals and a puppy
Rating: G (there's really nothing to worry about, completely SFW)
Warning: cuteness?

Clicking the preview pic will take you to the respective post at my art comm, allnightlights.

x-posted. I apologize if you stumble upon this multiple times on your f-list.

Also, I think I need to thank sphinxofthenile for kicking my butt to post this ♥
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