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Welcome to FF_art where any kind of art from any FinalFantasy game may be posted; that included KingdomHearts, Advent Children or any other Square related game.

  • Yaoi and yuri is welcome (though you may want to label it such)
  • Original characters are fine as long as they are FF/ Square related
  • Label things of explicit sexual nature. Some people have this community on friends list.
  • Keep posts on topic; talking about the game is fine but lets keep things FF art related.
  • Put spoilers behind lj cuts and label them so
  • Put large pics behind lj cuts
  • Please respect others. Rude behaviour is intolerable and will get you booted no questions asked
  • Do not delete posts that are not your own. This will get you booted no questions asked.
  • Do not advertise your communities here

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    Top picture of Sora (KingdomHearts) by mastermania
    Middle picture of kitty Cloud Strife (FF7) by nancyboynoire
    Bottom picture of Sora (KingdomHearts) by neofox

    Welcome image/ Icon by mastermania (with a lil help by neofox ;3)
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